Is there anything we can do to speed up natural oil making process?



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    It takes millions of years for oil source rocks to form, be buried, be heated enough to generate oil, and for the oil to migrate to reservoirs where it accumulates in the pore spaces of solid rocks. Most of this has to take its own time, millions of years.

    We can help with some of these processes, but you pretty much have to have a natural source to begin with, and that takes millions of years itself. When we mine and process by heating tar sands and oil shales, we are essentially advancing one of the steps — maturation; we are doing the “cooking” of the source rock quickly, which would have taken nature much longer. This is very energy intensive and expensive, but possible.

    “Synthetic oil” is mostly various specialty compounds that actually use natural oil as the starting point, though it is possible to use other chemicals. This is also expensive.

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