Is there anything we can do to make our bodies produce less carbon?



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    I can not imagine a way to reduce the direct carbon output of our bodies anytime soon. Our bodies has evolved to specific needs and circumstances. If there is a way it would be genetically altering our bodies to make them more efficient, but that is science fiction for now. 

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    Our CO2 output is dependent on how much oxygen our bodies demand while active and our basal metabolic rate (BMR) which is determined by age, mass, weight and lean body mass. The more active we are, the more oxygen our muscles and organs require to function, the more CO2 we exhale. While once thought to be linked to aerobic activity, BMR appears to be independent of activity level once lean body mass is accounted for, however it does decrease with age. So, if an individual were less active than theoretically they would convert less O2 to CO2 over the course of their lifetime. However, the CO2 you exhale while walking to work is orders of magnitude smaller than that emitted if you were to drive a car fuel by fossil fuels. So, I don’t think becoming a couch potato is the either the most effective or healthy method of reducing atmospheric carbon.

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