Is there anything we can do to keep plants from going extinct?



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    Habitat loss is one of the biggest threats to plants.  By working to conserve habitat we can keep some plants from going extinct.  Keep in mind that extinction is a natural process, it is the rate at which species are going extinct now that causes concern.

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    Do not plant hybrid or GMO seeds if you can.  Find heirloom seeds and plant them to increase their numbers and to ensure the health of all our plants. 

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    There are seed libraries that collect and save seeds so they aren’t totally lost, but they are kind of the absolute last solution, after they go extinct in the wild.

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    Putting a stop to the massive amounts of tropical deforestation could save a great number of plant species. Since plant species in rainforests are tipically confined to “microhabitats,” a small area rather than being present throughout a common climate or region, these species are particularly vulnerable to extinction.

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