Is there anything that we can do to keep companies from testing their products on animals?



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    Good question, trees4jarvis81.  I would say the most practical thing you can do is to make sure the products that you buy are not tested on animals, and to spread the word to your friends and family to make sure they do the same.  If you feel like getting more active, then here is a list of various other things you can do, such as writing your representatives and calling medical facilities. 

    Hope this helps!

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    The best way to prevent companies from testing their products on animals is by passing a law against testing products on animals.  So the best thing to do is write to lawmakers and work on ways to get a law approved to ban such testing.  Another immediate way to make an impact is by buying products that are not being tested on animals.

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    An interesting and proactive way of dealing with the company directly, would be to write a letter to the CEO and collect signatures stating your refusal to buy their products.  Once they can visually see the loss of potential customers, they make be forced into altering their practice.

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    Ultimately, the answer is “no”.  Maybe cosmetics companies or other outfits that don’t make products of extreme import, but pharmaceutical companies will never give up this practice unless they are forced to by law.  Given the coziness between large corporations and the government, I don’t see this happening.

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