Is there anything we can do to computers to make them good for the environment?



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    If you’re asking about whether companies can do anything to make more eco-friendly computers, then the simple answer is yes. Many computers continue to be designed with the environment in mind. Energy Star appliances use less energy when idle. Also, users can choose to buy computers with online user manuals, upgradeable design, and recyclability. Many manufacturers now try to find more eco-friendly packaging and shipping materials for their products. That said, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Designers are playing with the materials used in building computers; currently, bamboo computers like one from ASUS promise less wastefulness coupled with the same durability as a regular laptop.

    If you’re asking what the individual consumer can do with his or her computer to make it more green, then there are plenty of options. One very important and often overlooked feature of an eco-friendly computer must be its ability to evolve. What do I mean by this? To waste fewer electronics, a computer should be durable and upgradeable. Running to buy every new electronic device that comes out is highly wasteful. So, computers that can last a while will produce less waste. Additionally, consumers can buy refurbished computer systems and parts, and those especially tech-savvy can even build new computers out of old parts. Make your computer last longer and use less energy by turning it off when it’s not in use, not using a screensaver, and using power management features. When you can no longer use a computer, donate it, reuse its parts, or recycle it in the appropriate manner (your city hall or manufacturer should have recycling information).

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    yes to start we can have computers use less power and run longer to avoid using to much energy a great way i have been researching is a way to use citrus fruits to charge electronics you can also use solar panel laptops

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