Is there anything that the richer nations can do to help countries like Indonesia with their deforestation problems?

I was really shocked to read that Indonesia was the third largest carbon producer.



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    People can support organizations, like the Rainforest Action Network, that work to help stop deforestation. They even have a campaign to phase out the use of pulp from rainforest trees in books.

    Those in richer nations can also research the products they use and try to cut out or minimize products that use tree materials from areas where deforestation is rampant. By taking away support from these products, the need for deforestation will decrease and more companies will look into alternatively-sourced materials. You can also help by supporting companies that have pledged to cut out deforestation-sourced materials from their products, especially those who have definite plans to do so. Some of these companies are listed in the article you linked to, along with other ways richer nations can help end deforestation.

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    As with most environmental issues that arise in poorer nations, this one is all about dollars and cents.  If a country has money, they can subsidize farming and land preservation, they can invest in the protection of the natural environment and wildlife.  However if a country is poor, they need to deforest their woodlands and jungles to make way for livestock, or trade timber, they need to exterminate animals who threaten their livestock and crops, and therefore their livelihood.

    If we can create equal and fair trade across borders, if we can figure a way to reduce the debt of poor nations, then we stand a chance of conserving the beautiful natural world of these impoverished countries.  

    Many debts are owed to rich nations who have lent financial support when countries are in need.  There is a movement based on an idea.  The movement is called Jubilee Debt Coalition, and their idea is to cancel the unpayable debts facing the poorest developing nations.  This is probably the most tangible thing that richer nations can do for poorer nations, to forgive the debt and allow the nation build with it’s own money.

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    I agree with the answer above in basically saying that reducing the debt of poor nations can come a long way. Deforestation and other climate change related issues, more often than not, stem from the country’s financial issues.

    There is also a program called Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD Plus), which encourages rich nations to “voluntarily finance forest-protecting projects”. Norway has already pledged to give $1 billion to Indonesia for every ton of carbon dioxide reduced from rain forest protection. I think this is a great way to motivate poorer nations to help preserve rain forests and for more developed nations to use their finances to aid the less privileged. 

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