Is there anything positive that pine cones can be used for?



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    Yes, pine cones can be used for a variety of things. They are very useful in crafts and can be used as holiday decoartions such as in wreaths and ornaments. They can also be used in potted plants or you can make bird feeders out of them.

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    There are some great gardening uses for pine cones. You can put them in a compost pile or grind them up into mulch. Some people use wood chippers, I believe, but you can also just crunch them up with your hands (wear gloves of course). I’ve also heard of people piling them up and driving over them with their cars. Pine cones make nice mulch, but they will turn the soil a little acidic, so make sure you use this mulch with compatible plants.

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    Other than containing the seeds to propagate the species, the pine cone is also the home environment of a variety of arthropods – segmented, invertebrate animal with jointed limbs and a hard exoskeleton. In a pine cone may live spiders, ants, beetles, sowbugs, flies, wasps, mites, crickets and aphids. The pine cone provides a place to reside in and lay eggs; some inhabitants even eat it. Yet, the pine cone microhabitat can become troublesome when invasive species cause damage to additional parts of the tree. 

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