Is there anything negative about plug in hybrids and EV’s?



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    Even though EV’s will lower harmful emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, they still require roads to travel on that are also harmful to the environment. Some of the negative side effects include contributing to the heat island effect, requiring large amounts of paved surfaces, and disruption of natural habitats. In addition, congestion on the roads from additional EV’s can result in longer idling times for gas powered vehicles as well. Alternative forms of transportation, therefore, are still the better option.

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    They also require large quantities of neodymium for the motors and lanthanum for the batteries, both presently imported at 100% from China; they require large volumes of lithium for batteries, currently imported at >50% from Chile and elsewhere; they also will require an increase in electricity generation, which can come from diverse sources, but at present the easiest way to scale-up electricity generation is by mining more coal, the source for about 45% of US electricity.

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