Is there anything in nature that is stronger than the force of gravity?



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    Of course, the force of gravity wieghs down on the earths atmosphere at a speed of 9.81 m/s. ANy force that requires something to stay suspended in air (an jet engine, or a space ship engine for example) must exert a force greater than this, in the opposite direction if it is going to move anywhere.

    Gravity keeps everything on the ground, but all of our aeral technology is proof that we can create forces that are stronger than gravity.

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    Gravity is not actually a force, but an interaction between masses.  Because of this, it doesn’t have a constant value.  It depends on how massive and how small an object is, and how massive, small, and far away the object its gravitation is acting on is.  For relatively small gravitations, such as the earth’s, anything that rises exerts a force stronger than the force gravity is exerting.  When you jump in the air, for example, you must push against the earth harder than it pulls you back to it.  A certain amount of energy is required to completely overcome the force of gravity, however.  This energy is directly related to the “Escape Velocity” of a massive body.  If you accelerate an object to the escape velocity of Earth, it will effectively “escape” Earth’s gravitation.  But the universe does have a speed limit: the speed of light.  Nothing can travel faster than light because doing so would require more energy than the universe contains (cf. Einstein’s famous equation).  At its theoretical greatest, in a black hole, not even light can escape gravity within a certain distance because a black hole’s escape velocity is greater than the speed of light.  As I said, it would require more energy than the universe contains to travel faster than light, and thus it would require more energy than the universe contains to overcome the force of gravity within a certain distance from a black hole.  So no, there is no force greater than the force of gravity when it is at its greatest magnitude.

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