Is there anything that I shouldn’t take to my local dump?



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    There are many types of trash, and not all can go to the landfill.  Whats more, anything that doesnt have to go to the landfill is best to do something else with.  Of course, anything that can be recycled saves that much room in the landfill and can be further used.  Other things that should not go to the landfill include electronics.  Most sizable cities have places where used electronics can be dropped off for donation or reuse of parts.  Paints and other chemical products can be taken to a hazardous waste dropoff location.  Furniture can be donated, and items like tires can typically be reused in some manner. 

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    There are a variety of things that should never be taken to landfills.  Batteries take hundreds of years to decompose and contain many toxic metals such as mercury and cadmium that are harmful to humans and animals.  These can be taken to most recycling centers.  Paints should never be taken, since they also contain many harmful chemicals.  Obviously, you should recycle anything you can since things like aluminum cans take hundreds of years to decompose as well.

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