Is there anything I should do to a wound right away to try and prevent scarring?



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    Yes, there are a few steps you should take as soon as possible to help the wound heal properly. Good wound care is the key to prevent scarring.

    First you should clean out the wound. Clean the wound with cool water (sterile if available). Do not use alcohol as alcohol damages tissues and will negatively effect the healing process. Next, remove any debris from the wound with a sterile pair of tweezers. Finally, gently wash the wound with only soap and water.

    Now that your wound is clean you need to keep it covered to protect it. The key part of the bandage is to keep the wound moist to allow for rapid healing.

    Finally, do not pick the scab. Picking a scab can reopen the wound causing infection or enlarging of the wound. This can cause a bigger scar than the original size of the wound.

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    There are several things that you should and should not do to prevent scarring, including the following: 

    -Don’t use hydrogen peroxide.

    -Don’t treat the wound with vitamin E.

    -Don’t expose the wound to sun. 

    -Place pressure on a cut. 

    -Cover a cut or wound with a Band-Aid for at least a week. 

    -Once new skin has grown over the wound or cut, massage the area, where the new skin is growing back, with lotion. 

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