Is there anything I need to do different if want to make my home completely off the grid?



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    Think of everything that you have connected to the grid. Electricity, water, and sewer. To get your electricity off the grid, you will need to power your home with solar and/or wind power. You will also need batteries to hold the collected energy, to power your home when the sun is not shining and there is no wind. (

    For water, you will need to drill a well and/or start a rainwater collection system. (

    For the sewer, you will need to have a grey water and a black water filtration system. The grey water is the water from your sink and shower. This can be filtered and reused to water plants or flush the toilet. (

    Black water is the water from your toilet. You can actually compost human waste. You just need a composting toilet system. ( They don’t smell bad when you maintain them. Use the links I provided as a guide and good luck!

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