Is there anything I can use old cassette tapes for?



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    There are several uses for old cassette tapes instead of throwing them out in the garbage. Some good uses are using the plastic cases as coin wallets and the magnetic strips garden twine. For you fashionable ladies, you can make a handbag, take that Kate Spade. Below is the coolest lamp ever to be constructed from old Milli Vinilli tapes…

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    1. Insulation – Old cassette or VHS tape can be used for
    insulating interior walls of a house. Simply remove and
    fill in small spaces in conjunction with or instead of
    spray foam.

    2. Packing Material – Use instead of packing peanuts or
    bubble wrap.

    3. Make something – Video and cassette tapes can be
    deconstructed and woven or crocheted like yarn. (Click the second link below for detailed instructions on how to make a crocheted handbag using VHS tape.) Looking at video tape this way, the possibilities are endless.
    Considering their insulating qualities, they would make
    excellent trivets, coasters etc.

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