Is there anything I can reuse old batteries for?



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    As far as I’ve been able to find, there’s no real way to reuse old single-use batteries, besides using them to create art.  Otherwise, you can recycle old batteries by dropping them off at household hazardous waste facility in your area, or by participating in a mail-in or take-back program.  Some batteries are rechargeable, but the majority are single use and therefore will require recycling.

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    Once rechargeable batteries will not maintain a charge they are pretty useless.  Call2Recycle (linked below) will accept rechargeable batteries or cell phones to be recycled.  They take the precious metals from the batteries to create new batteries or stainless steel products.  Most cell phones are refurbished and resold.

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    Some stores will take used batteries as well. Best Buy takes used rechargeable batteries. Also, Radio Shack takes them.

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