Is there anything I can put on old scars to make them go away?



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    While it is very unlikely that the scars will just “go away”, there are some ways you can reduce the appearance of old scars. You can clean and dry the area and break open a vitamin E capsule, then dab the contents of the capsule on your scar. Vitamin E is known to help in the production of collagen and the maintenance of skin’s elasticity. There are also various products on the market that claim to reduce the appearance of scars (Scarzone, Bio-Oil, etc.) which you can pick up at your local drugstore, although sometimes the claims are dubious.

    Of course, there is the option of laser surgery to reduce the appearance of red-colored scars, but this option is generally only used for people whose scars have a real and actual negative impact on their lives. Laser surgery can be painful and harmful to the skin.

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    There is a product that is specially manufactured to help old scars disappear faster, and it is called Mederma. This ointment is made specifically for fading scars, and though many be a little pricey at between $10-$30 a tube, is pretty effective. According to Mederma’s website,

    “In a nutshell, MEDERMA® Skin Care for Scars™ is an invisible, greaseless, pleasant-smelling gel recommended by doctors and pharmacists to improve the color, texture and overall appearance of old and new scars.”

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