Is there anything I can do when washing my clothes to make it better for the environment?



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    Always wash full loads, don’t use too much soap and look for soaps that are fragrance and dye free and do not have any phosphates. 

    For extra credit, you could hang your clothes to dry on a line rather than using a dryer, or wear your clothes just one more time before washing (assuming you didn’t spill your morning coffee on them).

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    Yes. Many stores sell detergents that are chlorine free, non-toxic, and biodegradable. These products often refrain from animal testing, and use recycled materials. If you choose to use a liquid detergent, cut back on the amount that you use with each load, and if you are really concerned about the hazards of detergent, then stop using them. Your clothes might not smell like a field of lavender, but they will be clean. 

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    There are a many things that you can do in order to make clothes washing better for the environment.  Obviously there are new more eco friendly washing machines that use less energy and whatnot, but that isn’t a cost effective solution unless you are looking for a new washing machine anyway.  Most washing machines have a cold setting, which is an easy way to save energy.  There is also new environmentally friendly detergents which are mostly just ultra concentrated so that theres less materials used in manufacturing.  Finally, for drying the clothes try hanging them on a line outside. It makes your clothes smell fresh and negates the energy used in drying clothes.

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    If you have a setting for delicates use that one. I have always been told in college that using this setting saves the most water. Hope this helps 🙂

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    There’s a phenomenal natural stain remover that i swear by, it’s my favorite thing to use when doing laundry, called ECOVER….derived from mostly plant based ingredients.  Also, instead of buying dryer sheets, use a natural fabric softener and spritz some on a terry cloth to use in place of sheets.  

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    I only wash full loads, using cold water cycle unless it’s whites. I use laudry soap that has no chloride, phosphate free and usually half what is recommended by manufacturer. I also use detergent that is 2x stronger it lasts me about 3x longer as I use less than recommended. If you have heavy stains soak with a bit of detergent on area before washing. I do hang clothes to dry whenever possible including during the winter time. When I do use the dryer, I use fragrance free static strip , the more fragrances the more chemicals.

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