Is there anything that I can do when my drywall gets wet?



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    I found this answer on another question/answer website. Here it is: If the water is contaminated, then the drywall should immediately be removed and replaced. Clean water on drywall will swell up the material and giving it a damaged appearance, however, if you live in an area with low humidity, you can put some fans on it and dry it out. If the wall has any insulation, it must be replaced to prevent mold from growing. Replacing drywall greatly outweighs the costs of mold remediation. To replace the drywall, cut away the water damaged piece and replace with a fresh piece, tape, paint and done. Also, if there is any evidence of mold forming, the product MicroRid Powder Concentrate that can be mixed with water and sprayed on the spot where the mold is forming. It is available at 

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    It depends on how long and how wet it gets.  If it soaks up a lot of water and is swollen or crumbly after it dries, replace it.  Short periods of wetness may not produce visible damage, if this occurs, just leave it alone.  Painting may cover up water stains.  Examine the wetted area carefully before you do anything.  Drywall can survive some water without visible damage, although it will never regain its original strength.

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