Is there anything I can do to my current car to make it more enviromentally friendly?

I own a 1999. Subaru legacy. I understand driving less is critical but besides that can I do anything to make it so that when I am driving I am making less of an impact



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    There are a lot of things you can do. For example, make sure you take it in for regular tuneups. Keep your tires properly inflated–this will save you gas as well. Abide by smog check rules.

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    Make sure your car is always tuned up so it runs as efficent as possible. This reduces fumes and uses less gas (also a saving to you). Do not drive as excessive speeds and keep your tires at the right level of air.

    When washing your car, use biodegradable soap and turn off the water when you are putting on the soap to help conserve water.

    Open your windows when it is a nice day so you do not run the air conditioner as much. This too will help save gas.

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