Is there anything I can do to make working in a cubicle more eco friendly?



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    Limit the amount of small electronics you have plugged in all day. Only leave your computer on when you are actively using it. Limit the amount of paper and other disposable office supplies you consume. And recycle everything you can!

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    Turn off and unplug any and all of your electronics when you’re not using them. Set your computer to go to sleep when you leave the desk for a short while. When cleaning your cubicle, use recycled paper products (or rags, but make sure to take them home and wash them right away!) and green cleaning products. Drink coffee in refillable mugs, use a refillable water bottle. Use a dustrag or feather duster instead of vacuum for dust. Bring in your own recycling bins to stash under the desk, so you can collect your own paper and other recyclables for recycling even if your company doesn’t have recycling. You could even cultivate a little container garden, and have an office-grown salad at least once-a-month!

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    Some things that will make your cubicle more eco friendly include using compact fluorescent or LED light, using a laptop over a desktop if possible (Energy Star models use upto 90% less energy), use recycled papers and other office products, recycle papers and other items, and turn off all electronics when you are done using them for the day.

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    You can set up a small recycling center at your desk. When you clean your work space, use eco friendly cleaning products. If you are close to a window consider solar powered appliances rather then electronic or battery powered ones (speakers, calculator, pencil sharpener, paper shredder, etc). Bring your own lunch and use reusable containers/utensils. Conserve paper and use scraps as post its or a note pad. If you are leaving your desk for more than 30 min, consider turning off your monitor and any other electronics.

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    Ride your bike or walk to work, and don’t upload very many photos/videos on facebook, youtube, and the like.  Such sites use data servers to store your photos and videos, which require a huge amount of energy to run, and have a carbon bigfoot print.

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    Great suggestions. You can also talk to your fellow cubicle workers and share with them what you are trying to do. Maybe you can get your whole office in on it.

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    You can start with your energy consumption and than work on smaller things like water usage. Additionally, you can buy supplies that are energy efficient and come from sustainable resources. For example, buy recycled paper and other recycled material. Only buy things that you know where they came from

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