Is there anything I can do to make my refrigerator use less energy?



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    There are a variety of small things you can do to help save energy here and there.

    • Cover liquids and wrap foods so that they don’t release moisture, which makes the fridge’s compressor work harder.
    • Clean the gasket of the door and the sealing surfaces.  Ensure that the seal is tight so you aren’t losing any of the cold air through the seal. 
    • If you have an extra fridge in the garage, unplug it if you don’t use it.  Or if you do, consider cutting down on grocery buying so that you don’t need to use it.
    • Vaccuum the condensor coils once a year, so that waste heat can be carried off faster.  This allows the fridge to run shorter cycles, using less energy. 
    • See if you have a power-saving switch (also known as a summer/winter switch).  Some fridges have a small heater in them to keep condensatoin from building up inside the fridge.  If you do have the switch, switch it to the power-saving (winter) mode.
    • Make ice in ice trays instead of with the automatic ice maker.
    • Move your fridge out of direct sunlight and away from the stove, if possible.
    • Keep the temperature inside the refridgerator between 38 and 42 degrees Farenheit and 10 and 15 degrees in the freezer.
    • Don’t leave the door open for long periods of time as you try to figure out what to eat.
    • Keeping your fridge full helps hold onto the cold that the fridge produces, so if your fridge is empty, the fridge keeps on  making cold air without cooling anything.
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    Freezers are more efficient if they are full. So if your fridge has a freezer unit as well, and it is not full, you could fill it with ice or bottles of water. 

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