Is there anything I can do to keep my neighbor from washing his driveway off with water?



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    Unless the home owner’s association in your area has rules about using a hose to clean a driveway, there’s no way to keep your neighbor from hosing. Instead, try encouraging him to sweep. This will save hundreds of gallons of water a year and is especially important if you live in an area that is going through a major water shortage.

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    Beyond suggesting it to him politely, there’s really no way to force him not to use the water he wants. The only people with the authority are local government agencies, homeowners associations, or the water company, if they wish to charge more for heavy usage.

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    I always wonder the same thing about my neighbor’s lawn mowing.  I have a push mower myself, and revel in it’s quiet, carbon neutral function.  I suppose I could offer to mow their lawns myself, and you could offer to sweep for your neighbor, but I don’t know, it’s difficult not to come off self-righteous.  The only way I can think of it to become good friends with your neighbor, and sort of earn the social acceptance of the suggestion. 

    I suppose if you were really dedicated to the idea you could make an anonymous pamplet on the benefits of not using water for a driveway, including reduction in water bills, the amount of water saved, etc, and leave it on their doorstep or mailbox.

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    If you have an HOA or if you have a community newsletter – you can provide suggestions or “tips” for others on how to be greener and include things like hosing the drive, and using gas mowers.

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    I often wonder this myself. I would second an above poster’s comment that it’s difficult to mention it without sounding self-righteous.  If you are on familiar terms with your neighbour, you might strike up a conversation on why you yourself don’t use water, and how water conservation is important. Your neighbour might not realize the amount of water he’s wasting, or that water conservation is important. In the absence of a home owner’s association, however, a friendly, informative, non-judgemental conversation might  be your best shot.

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    Unfortunately, you are fighting an uphill battle. Your neighbor could very easily say that he ought to be free to clean his driveway however he sees fit. He would not be wrong about this. Unfortunately, some people, like radio commentators John and Ken (KFI AM 640, Los Angeles) see environmental protections and other measures as an affront to their personal freedoms and have made deities out of old water wasting toilet systems and other like relics of the the 20Th century.

    However, I like the previous posters idea of offering to sweep th driveway yourself. He may balk at this offer, but at least you tried by offering him a solution that does not require any effort on his part. Ultimately, you have to decide whether or not your neighbor’s cleaning method is really worth the confrontation.

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