Is there anything that human urine can be used for?



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    Well, this is kind of gross, but stranded hikers have been known to drink their own urine to survive. Urine is sterile, so it is safe to drink, if not particularly appitizing. Here is one example:

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    Some farmers fertilize their crops with sewage (not commercially in America), which contains urine. Egypt is an example of a country that is currently irrigating crops with raw sewage due to water shortages.

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    As sfincher stated, urine is technically sterile at the moment it leaves your body.  However, the longer it is exposed to the air, the more bacteria it will acquire.

    According to Kendra Dahlstrom‘s research, some people drink urine to increase their immunity levels.  The idea is that the body needs to be reminded of toxins it has already disposed of, and it will continue to build an aversion to those toxins as they are reintroduced.

    Apparently, urine can also be used as bleach.  Its acidic content is responsible for this use.

    Urine can also be used as a skin treatment for rashes, blisters, eczema or dry skin.

    As elifitz mentioned, it can also be used as a fertilizer, but it needs to be watered-down substantially to reduce its acidity. 

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