Is there anything that human urine can be used for?



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    As gross as it sounds, urine contains an element known as Ammonia, which is a powerful cleaning agent. Throughout history, many different cultures have used urine as a way to wash clothes and other objects because of ammonia’s cleaning abilities.

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    Yes, human urine can be used as a liquid fertilizer. There are actually composting toilets used for this purpose. Human urine plays an important part in the low-cost solution of ecological sanitation, which is increasingly being used in communities to address problems of infertile soil and sanitation issues, among other things. For example,  SOIL is a non-profit organization that has put human urine to good use in poor communities around the world.

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    Human urine can also be used for many other things such as skin treatment, bleeach and to boost a person’s immunity. More information is provided at the following website.

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