Is there anything that has a PH value of 10?



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    Yes. pH value can go up to 14. This is merely a measure of concentration of H+ ions. The higher the pH, the less of them in the solution. Acids release H+ ions when they are dissolved, so if the solution is acidic the pH is below 7 and there are a lot of ions. On the other hand, bases release OH- ions, and H+ can combine with OH- to form H2O – water, thus neutralizing each other. So the more basic a solution is, the more H+ is neutralized, and so the higher the pH. At pH of 7, there are equally low concentrations of H+ and OH-, resulting in neutral water, neither acidic nor basic. Now, a solution at a pH of 10 would be fairly basic but not that strongly, according to wikipedia, that will fall somewhere between a baking soda and a milk of magnesia solution. Something with a pH closer to 14, however, would be strongly corrosive and dangerous.

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    Bases such as ammonium chloride/ammonium or borax/sodium hydroxide will buffer solutions at a pH of 10.  As cerberus said, the pH schale ranges from 1 to 14.  This scale, like the richter scale for earthquakes, is logarithmic, meaning something with a pH value of 10 is ten times more basic than a something with a pH value of 9

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