Is there anything green about the Eiffel Tower?



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    For the most part the Eiffel Tower appears to be a monument to excess, although in a typically French elegant manner. However, in 2007 it did reduce its electricity consumption by 40%, and twice during that same year shut all lights off for five minutes to support the country’s dedication to sustainable living.

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    Actually in 2003, the Eiffel tower’s lights were replaced with new lights that were expected to last 10 years and reduced energy costs by 38%, according to Philips, which was contracted for the job. The company says the tower’s lighting costs are now 16% of what they were in 1986. And considering that the tower was supposed to be torn down roughly 100 years ago, I think its pretty sustainable at this point. More recently when the city celebrated its 120th birthday with a light show, it was lit entirely with LED lights.

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