Is there anything good that can come from the arctic ice melting?



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    The melting of the icecaps will open up a larger portion of the Earth’s polar regions to human habitation and travel. The Northwest Passage will be freed up so people can more easily travel across the North Pole to get to the other side of the globe. Some areas that were previously uninhabitable to species are now just right. In fact, scientists have recently discovered strange hybrid creatures, such as a polar- grizzly bear. Where species were once separated by ice, they now find themselves in the same new territory.

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    The opening of the Northwest Passage seems still untransportable, due to the fact that ocean currents will be dramatically shifted as the ice continues to melt.  The ocean could be so strong that it is even harder to pass through. Not to mention the deadly gases released as polar ice melts, which eventually will make getting near that area difficult and improbable.  

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