Is there anything ecologically-friendly and non-harmful to animals that can be planted around a garden to keep rabbits out?



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    Some eco-friendly and humane options for keeping rabbits away are:

    • Eco-friendly rabbit repellant spray or pellets, such as DeFence or DeerScram.
    • Fencing
    • A company called ScareCrow makes a motion-activated water sprayer for repelling pests.     
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    Rabbits eat nearly everything in the garden, don’t they? One idea is to install a low fence around your garden that acts as a barrier to the rabbits.

    Some eco-frienly products include those marketed by DeFence and DeerScram. They also try putting in wind socks or pinwheels that may distract the rabbits because of the movement (although they quickly learn to not be frightened by the motion).

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