Is there anything to do with old hangers?



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    Yes, but it depends on the type.  Wire hangars are most easily converted into all manner hanging implements such as earring holders, paper towels racks, and picture hangers.  I have also used wire hangars to create wire tomato cages. 

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    There are actually quite a few things you can do with old hangers.  Check out the list below for some good ideas:

    1. Take ’em back to where they came from: nobody said you couldn’t return them to the cleaners.  The cleaners certainly use enough of them and actually need them … but you don’t so bring ’em back!
    2. Thrift ’em: many thrift stores need hangers and will definitely accept your old ones (given that they’re still in working condition).  Call before you bring them over though because some will only accept certain kinds (plastic instead of metal, etc.)
    3. Scrap ’em: apparently scrap metal facilities love metal hangers but only in large amounts so ask friends and family (your neighbors and colleagues too) for all their metal hangers and then bring ’em on over to a local scrap metal facility
    4. Craft ’em: if you’re a crafty type of person apparently you can make bird cages, wreaths and dream mobiles.  Not my cup ‘o tea but more ideas can be found here:

    For a full list and more ideas, check out this site:

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