Is there anything that cannot be carbon dated?



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    Yes. Carbon dating is limited to things that were once alive such as fossils of plants and animals. In order to date things like rocks, scientists use a different process called Potassium-Argon Dating which measures the radioactive decay of potassium into argon gas. Depending on the proportion of K-40 to Ar-40 in the sample and comparing it it  to the decay rate of potassium will give a pretty exact estimate of the age of the rock.

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    Yep. The carbon dating method is only useful for time periods below about 58,000 – 62,000 years. Any older items will have too little C14 left due to radioactive decay to be able to accurately measure it. It is also not very accurate for anything that happened in the industrial era (due to a large increase in CO2 in atmosphere) and later (due to atomic bomb tests).

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