Is there anything that can speed up or slow down when a volcanic eruption happens?



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    Nature cannot really be contained (yet). When a volcano blows it can explode with a force equal to tons of dynamite. With forces of that kind of magnitude, there is truly no stopping it. As for the theory that it could be slowed down, consider this: Conservation of Energy says that energy can not be created nor destroyed, only converted from one form to another. So if you have significant heat (hot lava) why not try to extract some of this energy—use it to heat water until it turns to steam and then use a turbine to convert the motion of the steam particles into motion for the spinning blades and use a generator to turn that into electric energy—wouldn’t this type of process remove some energy from the volcanic system, and thus cool and slow down the buildup of heat, delaying an eruption, or keeping flowing lava at bay? 

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