Is there anything bad about those reusable grocery bags?



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    If you are reducing, reusing and/or recycling, you’re often doing more good than harm. Jute reusable grocery bags are great, you will be using less plastic and a much more environmentally friendly way to get your groceries regularly. They are absolutely, one hundred per cent better for the environment than those use and dispose plastic bags!

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    The only bad thing reusable bags is when people forget to bring them to the grocery store!  A good way to fix this is to always keep your reusable bags by your door or in your vehicle so they are always accessible and will serve as a visible reminder to bring them with you to the store.  The bags are even better if they themselves are made of reused material, such as old clothes or recycled fabrics.  

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    It’s good to keep in mind that some reusable grocery bags may contain synthetic materials, such as nylon and plastic coatings. As seventhseeker and waterman stated, bags made out of jute or recycled fabrics would be the best choices for reusable bags.

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    The plastics industry has orchestrated a scare campaign on germs and reusable bags. There is a simple solution to this — throw your reusable bags in the laundry with the rest of your clothes. If synthetic materials are part of your bags, hand wash them. Either way, your ecological footprint will be less than if you were using disposable plastic bags.

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