Is there anything bad about organic clothing?



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    Organic clothing is not perfect, certainly. Just because the cotton woven into a shirt was grown without chemicals doesn’t guarantee the weaver was paid a decent wage or that the shirt wasn’t flown 5,000 miles to reach the store you purchased it in. If you’re looking to buy responsible clothing, it is an unfortunate, but rewarding, amount of work. Look into specific brands to learn their environmental practices, their labor standards and the location of their production facilities. It’s always better to buy local sustainably-made goods (and food!) because the costs of transporting goods around the world is not reflected in the actual price to the consumer of a single item and the whole of society must make up that difference through taxpayer-funded environmental clean-up initiatives.

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    There are few cons associated with organic clothing. However, there are two cons I’ve found associated with organic clothing: 

    1. Organic clothing and linen tend to be more expensive than non-organic clothing. 

    2. Organic clothing is usually not treated with anti-wrinkle chemicals in the production process and therefore, may be more likely to tear with wear. 

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    There are tons of good things to say about truly organic clothing. However, when buying clothes, the word “organic” can be misleading just like it can be when buying certain foods. A piece of clothing may be marketed as being organic, but that usually means that a certain percentage is organic, not the whole thing. Depending on where it was made or how the claim is worded, a very small percentage of the item could actually be made from organic materials. Also, marketing also relies on consumers assumptions, and a common misconception is that if something is sold as “organic,” that that also means that the materials used were sustainably grown and that the manufacturing was up to fair trade standards. In eality though, like lizcolleena mentioned, organic farms could mistreat workers just as much as any other farm.

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