Is there anything bad about hair gel?



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    Here are some chemicals or components of hair gail that are potentially harmful to human health:

    Polyquaternium-11 – possible carcinogen, respiratory toxin
    Panthenol – animal studies show broad systemic effects at high doses
    Benzyl Nicotinate – Broad systemic toxicity in animals
    Zinc PCA – Persistent, bioaccumulative in wildlife
    Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate – May contain harmful impurities
    Phytic Acid – animal studies show brain and nervous system effects at moderate doses
    Dipropylene Glycol – animal studies show sense organ effects at moderate doses
    Polysorbate 20 – animal studies show reproductive effects at high doses
    Methylchloroisothiazolinone – human immune system toxicant
    Tetrasodium EDTA – animal studies show sense organ effects at low doses
    Methylparaben – possible carcinogen, neurotoxin, skin irritant

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