Is there anything that America has done to try and protect biodiversity?



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    Good question, Skylar.  I think that you could argue that any law or regulation that has to do with the environment is protecting biodiversity to some degree.  Something as simple as making sure our air and water is clean is crucial to animal populations.  There are also some more specific laws that directly help to protect biodiversity, such as the Endangered Species Act and the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act.  As well as laws and regulations, we must take action sometimes.  Whenever we attempt to subdue the infiltration of an invasive species, we are protecting biodiversity.  One such example is of the Asian Carp, an invasive fish species that has been steadily moving northward.  I found an article that details efforts made to prevent their introduction into Lake Michigan.  First, an electric barrier was set up in a canal, but when that didn’t work, they tried using poison, but some of the fish have still been found in Calumet Harbor in Lake Michigan.  So when it comes to protecting biodiversity, we really do all sorts of things.

    Hope this helps!

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    America has done several things to try to protect diversity. We have set up National Parks in some of the most unique and interesting habitats in North America. These areas are protected so the plants and animals can continue to thrive or recover from past destruction.
    We educate our school children about the importance of all platns and animals, including things tha we do not really like, like poison ivy and snakes. Children help to spread the word to their parents, family members, and friends.
    We have several organizations in the US that work to protect diversity and habitat. Money is allocated from the governement or through donations to help these organizations to their part.

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