Is there anything about a solar panel on your house that could be bad for your health?



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    Some claim that solar panels can cause health problems to people with electromagnetic sensitivity.  I am no expert, but I personally don’t believe this is much of an issue.  However, the inverter on a solar panel does emit electromagnetic waves, which could be problematic to your health over time, much like heavy cell phone or laptop use, although you will in most cases be a safe distance (if it is on your roof, for example) from the solar panel ever to see these effects.

    The main concerns you should take into consideration are the environmental and health hazards solar panels present in their production and disposal.  Many toxins are used in the production of solar panels, as well as, researchers are discovering, many greenhouse gases.  These chemicals are dangerous to manufacturers and to the environment.  When your solar panel’s lifetime expires, it is disposed of and toxins are released, which could also cause health problems, and create a type of pollution called “e-waste”.

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