Is there anything about eco-tourism that helps the environment?



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    Certainly, perhaps most of all, ecotourism provides people with first hand accounts of the fragility of nature and allows them to spread awareness about the need for conservation in certain areas like the Amazonian Rain forests. Ecotourism also helps to bring in money to the local economies which can then be reinvested in both conservation and preservation efforts as well as to educate the people about the need to protect the environment.

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    In a way. Eco tourism provides a financial incentive for protecting and restoring popular natural areas. One of the biggest problems with habitat conservation is the fact that there just aren’t enough people willing to pay for it. With the potentialof economic gain there is more money to protect the habitat. Plus educational opportunities for people to see environments they have never seen before. People are more willing to help save a place they know and love then just some random patch of land they have no attachment to.

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    The caveat here is that it has to be high-quality “eco-tourism”.  A lot of ecotourism is greenwash.

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