Is there anyone who loves snakes as much as i do? For me the more poisonous the more interesting.



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    I think snakes are very beautiful and mysterious animals, and for those reasons, they’ve been revered and avoided in religions and beliefs around the world.  In Norse mythology, a giant snake encircles the earth, and kills Thor at the end of the world.  In Greek, a giant python guarded the omphalos, or navel, center, of the earth.  In some Native American mythologies, the snake was the wisest of all creatures.  And let’s not forget what gave Adam and Eve the “knowledge of good and evil.”

    As a kid, my brothers and I were the local snake patrol.  If our neighbors had snakes in their gardens, they would call us up, and we would come over to capture the snakes to move them to a safe place outside the garden. 

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    I keep my distance from them, I find them a little scary for some reason. I would definitely feel uncomfortable having them around even if they’d be locked up somewhere. Maybe it has something to do with the sculpture of Laoco├Ân and His Sons where they are being killed by snakes. I might have seen this sculpture at an early age and it somehow stuck with me. Snakes are not my thing.

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    Snakes have always been an interest of mine. Growing up as a kid, I’d watch animal planet or discovery channel hoping to see documetaries on snakes, especially cobras. My favorite cobra species has been and always will be the king cobra. Just seeing them on tv made me awe at how big and powerful those snakes really were, the king of all cobras. King Cobras can be found all throughout Southeast Asia and are the world’s longest venomous snake. When a king cobra unfolds his hood and hisses, you can’t help but feel intimidated by this highly venomous creature.


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      Oh cobras are sooo awesome! My favorite is the african spitters. They have deadly accurate. They can hit your eyes even if you hide them.

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    I definitely love snakes and always have. But for me the ones that impress me the most are the non poisonous snakes that mimic the poisonous ones. I remember as a kid we were always taught that if it had a triangular head to stay away from them. However we used to always catch gopher snakes which would distort their head to look like a poisonous snake they would even shake their tail like a rattle snake to try and scare us away.

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    Snakes are definitely unique! Remember that snakes should be referred to as venomous and not poisonous. Something is poisonous if you eat it and it makes you sick, but creatures the inject poisonous venom are called venomous.



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