Is there any wolf populations in California?



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    There are no current wolf populations in California; however, it’s being debated about whether or not to reintroduce the grey wolf into the many of the U.S. states, from California, to Maine, Idaho, Montana, to Texas. And the Defenders of Wildlife organization has been petitioning for the introduction of grey wolves to California for many years.

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    Grey wolves have historically made their home in California but there has been no confirmation of wolves inhabiting the state for nearly a century. The idea of reintroducing the wolf to California has been discussed, but there are no plans to do so as of yet.

    The wolf had a vital role in the ecosystem they once populated. The reintroduction of wolves in California would shift populations of deer, elk and coyote back to historical numbers. Although the wolves are not to be officially reintroduced into the wild in California, their presence in the neighbor state of Oregon suggests that they may migrate to the state on their own.

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