Is there any way to speed up digestion of our food?



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    There are diuretics on the market that speed up the digestion process, but there are natural ways to speed up digestion as well. Exercising will boost your metabolism and your body will be burning more calories and digesting faster all day. Also do a small amount of low intensity exercise like walking after a meal speed up and aids in digestion. Drinking lots of fluids with foods, especially hot liquids speed up digestion as well. And green tea is know for aiding digestion.

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    Another important key to speeding digestion and increasing metabolism is to eat breakfast. After sleeping for several hours, the body runs out of fuel. If a person doesn’t consume more food, his or her metabolism will start to slow and the body will start to store fat as reserves in a nutritionally deprived state. Eating six small meals a day will keep the body at a higher metabolism throughout the day.

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