Is there any way that sidewalks can create energy as people walk on them?



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    Yes.  Actually research along those lines is being conducted in a field called “Vibration Energy Scavenging”, in which the energy from people walking in high-traffic areas such as an office building or a sidewalk would be harnessed and turned into electricity.  One of the ways this could be realized is through materials called piezoelectrics, which have the unique characteristic that when they are compressed — by your footstep, say — they produce an electric current.

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    There are ways to harness energy from people walking on sidewalks.  There are a lot of ongoing and futuristic projects that are highlighted in  One of the projects involves warming a building from the foot traffic next to it while another involves piezoelectric sidewalks that apply energy generated from footfalls to lighting and other low energy use appliances.  Pretty Cool!

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