Is there any way to save the lower islands from rising sea levels?

There are going to be so many people displaced by rising sea levels.



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    If you mean, is there a way to lower the sea level or prevent it from flooding low-lying islands, no, there is no real way to do that.  Rising ocean levels are an alarming prospect especially for small island nations in the Pacific such as Kiribati, which unfortunately are among the poorest nations in the world and the least-equipped to deal with catastrophes on this scale. Some individual areas can be saved with sea walls or levees, and this type of flood control has been used with general success for centuries in places like the Netherlands and New Orleans. Saving an entire island, though (even a small one) from a rising sea is beyond our current level of technology. Right now efforts are being focused on relocating populations of threatened areas to higher ground and compensating for the effect of dwindling lands. The governments of some Pacific islands, for instance, are trying to find new places for their inhabitants to live. Beyond these short-term mitigation strategies, there’s not much that can be done until the root causes of global warming are addressed, and even then it may take a very long time for sea levels that have already risen to actually begin receding.

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    The most ideal choice, of course, would be to reverse the effects of global warming enough to stop sea levels from rising.  If not enough improvement is made, however, islanders will have to resort to last-ditch alternatives.  Large rocks will probably be used to reinforce the beaches and prevent erosion.  Like any major flood, hundreds of sandbags will be pulled out as a sort of band-aide for the problem.  But if sea levels continue to rise at the alarming rate they have been, there are few chances to save low-lying islands.

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