Is there any way to reason with people who believe global warming is a myth and convince them it is a threat?



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    You can show people evidence of how the average temprature has been rising, and therefore water levles are beginning to rise along costal and island land masses. There is evdience which coorelates this with rising CO2 outputs and other greenhouse gasses.

    Unfortunately, if someone is irrational, it doesn’t really matter how you go about trying to convince them of something. You could provide a factual, well organized, logical argument, and they may just stand there with their fingers in there ears saying “nah nah nah blah blah blah”. My question to you is, why would you even waste your time trying to convince someone like this of something?

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    Here’s what I always say… if someone tells you that global warming is not real, ask them to go outside and start up their car (or someone else’s)… Then, have them bend down and stick their face in front of the exhaust pipe; then come back and tell you that there is no such thing as global warming! 

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