Is there any way to make a shooting range eco friendly?



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    I suppose by making sure as many bullets and casings are picked up as possible.  They might pose a threat to wildlife. 

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    The Army is looking to make its ranges more green. They are going to use a “RangeSafe” soil-cleaning technique and use a bullet that is made of tungsten instead of lead. They are hoping the soil cleaning and new bullets will be picked up by many private ranges as well.

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    If there would be a way the hunters could get paid a few cents to pick up and return their spent bullets for recycling that would help.  I think the deposit charged on soda cans helps to encourage people to recycle.  Otherwise, indoor gun ranges can already collect the spent shells and bullet slugs, so they could try to just install more efficient lights and heating.

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    Many hunters reuse casings; pick up the ones you see and find a hunter who will reuse them.  Use targets from recycled paper and take them down when you are finished.  Pick up any trash you see.  Park only in areas others have parked; don’t create new parking areas by driving over healthy land.

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