Is there any type of food that would be hard to make local?



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    Good question, Drew.  Unfortunately, I think there are several foods that would be difficult to make locally.  Different plants do well in different climates, and so, depending on where you live, certain plants would not be able to grow very well.  For this reason, it is probably a better idea to import such foods, instead of wasting resources to try and grow a plant locally that probably won’t survive.  A good example would be Bananas, which are imported to the US since they need tropical whether to grow.  If you live in Florida, you could try to grow bananas locally, but if you live in Chicago like me, you really couldn’t.

    Hope this helps!

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    It depends on what you mean by local.  Some foods require specific climates, so it probably won’t grow in a vastly different region.  But remember…all foods are grown local to some place.

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    This question also depends on whether you are willing to consider food grown in greenhouses as the same as food grown outside. For example, if you live in a cold climate it is not possible to grow fruits like oranges. However, a green house may produce oranges and sell them in the nearby communities. Things grown in greenhouses are usually genetically modified or other hybrids specially bred for growing in indoor conditions. One would have to definite whether these types of food would still be as flavorful and as good for you.

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