Is there any type of food that mold cannot grow on?



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    Molds are a group of fungi that feed on organic matter that they live on. They produce enzymes that break down the typical organic molecules like cellulose, starch, and lignin. Our food is made up of such compounds, so pretty much anything we eat they can eat too.

    Of course, different species of molds live and feed on different sources depending on which enzymes they can produce and whether there are any substances toxic to them in the food. So not every mold can grow on every type of food.

    In nature, molds can be found on any dead organic matter, although they grow large enough to present a familiar sight of moldy food only when the conditions are very stable. And the insides of houses and refrigerators are perfect for just that.

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    The only food that doesn’t go bad is honey.  Honey is even used inside golf balls and preservatives because it holds up so well.  Other than that, pretty much any food will grow mold over time if left to its own devices. 

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    Molds are tiny fungi that survive on plant and animal matter. They are transported very easily, and can live well in a multitude of environments. Pretty much any food is susceptible to mold when under the right conditions. They  prefer warm, humid conditions, but can also thrive in cold refrigerator climates. It is also important to know that you only see the surface mold, but mold penetrates the food with roots. Mold can be cut off of some foods, but oftentimes it is safer to just discard of the infected food.

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