Is there any truth to labels that say “organic” but don’t carry the USDA Certified Organic label?



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    If a product is made of 100% organic materials the package may say so and carry the USDA seal. If a product is 95% organic the product may say “organic” and carry the USDA seal. If a product contains between 70% and 94% organic ingredients the package may say “made with organic ingredients.” If a product is less than 70% organic the front of the package may not have any organic claims but the organic materials can be listed as such in the ingredients list.

    a product breaking these rules by the USDA would get into some trouble. Sometimes produce at a farmers market may make organic claims without being certified. Certification is a long and sometimes expensive process that small farms cannot afford to get. The benefit of buying produce from the farmers market is the ability to ask the grower directly how his produce was grown. If his growing methods satisfy you I wouldn’t worry about the grower being certified or not.

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