Is there any trick to not using so much water when I flush my toilet?



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    You may have heard the rhyme “if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down” which saves water by not flushing so regularly. Other than that, I would check your toilet for leaks to make sure that you aren’t losing water that way. Putting a float booster in your toilet tank makes the float think that there is more water in the tank than there is, keeping it from filling all the way and saving up to 10 gallons per day. You might also want to think about getting a water saving toilet like the Caroma Dual Flush or SelectAFlush.

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    Yes, you can add a displacement object to the inside of the toilet tank, such as a plastic bottle or plastic bag filled with water (away from the flush assembly). This will reduce the amount of new water that is pumped into the tank after every flush.

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    I have never tried this, but I found this tip on

    “To cut down on water waste, put an inch or two of sand or pebbles inside each of two plastic bottles to weigh them down. Fill the bottles with water, screw the lids on, and put them in your toilet tank, safely away from the operating mechanisms. Or, buy an inexpensive tank bank or float booster. This may save ten or more gallons of water per day. Be sure at least 3 gallons of water remain in the tank so it will flush properly. For new installations, consider buying “low flush” toilets, which use 1 to 2 gallons per flush instead of the usual 3 to 5 gallons.”

    The idea is that the bottle will safely displace water in your toilet so less water will be used for flushing. A few other sites have backed this idea up, so it appears that it will really work.

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