Is there any state that has money in their budget for developing an electric vehicle infrastructure?



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    I could not find any state that is currently building electric charging stations, but I do know there has been a lot of talk in California about how this will be managed so residents can switch to driving electric cars.  I did however find an article about how Gov. Schwarzenegger offered a tax break incentive for companies who decided to build their electric cars in California.

    In this plan they will not have to pay state tax on some equipment that is used for the production of zero emissions vehicles (ZEV).

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    There are five states that have joined onto a plan from the Department of Energy to build more electric vehicle infrastructure. The states are Washington, Oregon, Arizona, California, and Tennessee, and the multi-state project is being funded with a $99.8 million DOE grant to Electric Transportation Engineering Corp. based out of Phoenix. Tennessee governor has committed $5 million additional funds (approved by their congress) towards infrastructure as well. 

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