Is there any solution for my wrinkles?

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    • Stay in good health.
    • Eat properly.
    • Do not sunbathe, and when you are in the sun for an extended period, use a sunscreen that actually works. (Most, even very expensive ones do not.) Any of the 10 in the citation below work. Damage from the sun may not show for decades, so don’t assume you are getting off safe, just because you aren’t burning.
    • Use something like Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion. According to Wired magazine, it works with acids, removing skin, encouraging new growth.
    • As an extreme measure, plastic surgery. This is expensive, and people die from it. Also note, from the results I’ve seen, it doesn’t really make the wrinkles go away, it just reduces them, and eventually they come back anyhow, especially if you ignore all of the above.

    While wrinkles are not desirable for cover girls and teen models, realize that older people especially use them as a sign of personality and character. Removing them with extreme measures such as plastic surgery may tend to look “phony” to some people, especially your peers who also have wrinkles.

    Looking (and being) healthy is more important than being non-wrinkled. At least that’s what I look for in work and play mates.

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    First, we must understand what causes wrinkles and which of the causes could be reversed or stopped.

    Gravity, hormonal changes, free radicals, sunlight

    Gravity you cannot change. As you age, your skin will naturally lose elasticity as connective tissue is weaker and cells/DNA get damaged. What we can change is how fast these processes occur. Most of the time, we speed up these processes by not protecting our skin from the sun and exposing it to pollution, smoke, and eating the wrong foods. Stress also plays a huge part in how you feel and look. 

    My advice in short is protect your skin from the sun, don’t stress, and eat right.

    Eating right means making sure you are consuming proper amounts of anti-oxidants. They assist in neutralizing the free radicals (unstable molecules hungry for an electron, stealing it from other molecules, making a chain reaction that eventually kills a cell) by donating an electron. The anti-oxidants are stable with out that electron and thus will do not damage to your body.

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