Is there any scientific evidence that immunizations are linked to autism?



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    This is a hot argument, so here are a few facts:  Autism is a brain condition that effects how a child interacts, , how the child communicates and how they interact with their surroundings.  The behaviors an autistic child engages in are significantly different from those of the average child and once one knows what to look for, are fairly simple to spot.  Typically children receive approximately 21 vaccinations in the first year of life.

    The Center for Disease Control says there is no connection between vaccinations and autism.  But since alot of children are diagnosed within, or right after that first year a lot of parents feel there is a connection.  What is also importnat to note however, is that since autism is largely a disease that effects communication, to me, it makes sense that this is noticed at the age that the child learns to interact.  This has not been resolved yet, but hopefully this will help to clear it up a little.

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